How To Join A Discord Server

It provides a dynamic and constantly updated selection of servers, ensuring that you are exposed to a wide range of options. It’s important to note that some servers may have additional authorization or verification processes in place to maintain a safe and inclusive community. Follow any instructions provided on the server page or in the server rules to ensure a smooth joining experience.

If you don’t know the name, then the category or code of that particular server will suffice. But, if you don’t know the server name or you have no idea what server to join, choose from the various Discord server categories listed. Here then are the 3 methods on how you can locate public servers on Discord. Sometimes, you even see this invite link placed on one’s Instagram bio or TikTok bio.

How Is Discord Different From Other Chat Platforms?

Citron and his Discord co-founder, Stan Vishnevskiy, immediately jumped into the server, hopped into voice chat and started talking to anyone who showed up. The Redditors would go back, say “I just talked to the developers there, they’re pretty cool,” and send even more people to Discord. “That day,” Citron said, “we got a couple hundred registration[s]. That kind of kicked the snowball off the top of the mountain.” They liked playing video games, and liked playing with their friends, so they used TeamSpeak or Skype to talk to their friends in-game. They mostly hated TeamSpeak and Skype, but they were really the only options. This post will cover how to join a Discord server for you in a few different ways as well as how you can search for public servers in the gaming community.

Start by asking your friends about their favorite servers and if they can invite you. The last time I did this, I found a whole like-minded F1 community that streams races, and my Sunday evenings have never been better. Similar to the Discord Discover page, you can search for servers using categories or with the help of the search bar. discord server search will find different niches here like fun, meme, anime, giveaway, etc. allowing you to filter by your interests and hobbies.

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Use the @everyone and @here tags sparingly and only when absolutely necessary. These tags are great for getting people’s attention, but if used too often, they can become annoying and people will start to tune them out. You may find many of the tactics and strategies we’ve already covered useful for maintaining and moderating your Discord community. Mind you, though, not all partnerships will be available to you from day one.

It’s hard to answer the question “what are the best discord servers” without knowing what you are looking for in a Discord server. If you love a certain game, joining that game’s official server might be best for you. Compared to other social media platforms, Discord’s main value is real-time interaction between users.

Tags are keywords or labels assigned to servers that provide a quick glimpse into their focus or theme. Once you’ve chosen a category, Discord will display a list of recommended servers within that category. These recommendations are based on factors like popularity, engagement, and relevancy to the selected category.

Content creators have figured out that their fans love to connect with each other. That’s why they’ve started using access to branded Discord servers as a reward for subscribing to their content on crowdfunding platforms like Patreon. Because it isn’t an ad-driven platform, Discord doesn’t have the tools to target specific audiences that other platforms do.

Additionally, DiscordTree’s powerful search and filtering features make it easy to find servers based on specific criteria, such as language, activity level, or member count. This makes it easier to find servers that are the right fit for you, without having to waste time searching through irrelevant results. DiscordTree is a comprehensive and user-friendly directory of Discord servers. With its powerful search and filtering features, DiscordTree allows you to easily find servers based on your interests, hobbies, or preferences. Whether you’re looking for a gaming community, a social network, or a professional network, DiscordTree makes it easy to find the right server for you. Not only this, but Discord in particular can be a tricky platform to manage.

If you decide that the server is a good fit, click the “Join” button to become a member. Review and adhere to any guidelines or rules set by the server owner to foster a positive and respectful environment within the community. If you find a server that intrigues you, click on it to access more detailed information. This includes a more extensive description, server rules, frequently asked questions, and sometimes even featured content or events. If you come across a recommended server that appeals to you, click on it to view more details.

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